Korean Hair Style Types Men Should Get

Where To Find A Haircut Salons Near Me That Cut Korean Style?

You may laugh but I am into the Korean hair style recently.  I think it is probably due to the influence of all the beautiful K Pop girls group.  Everyone one of those girls come with beautiful haircut.  It makes them look so good. So I am hoping that by getting a Korean haircut style I can be a little like those girls.  The funny thing is that it is not easy at all to find a hair salon that are good at giving the Korean cut.  I walked around the neighborhood and spoke with many hairstylists but could not find one that is good enough to handle a Korean style cut.  I searched online one day and stumble upon this website http://www.hairsalonsnearme.me.  It list down all the hair and beauty salons in all areas that are operating.  It also list the top rated hair stylists near me.  This site helps cut down my time in trying to locate the right hair salon.  I finally found one hairstylist that happen to work in a nearby hairsalon and have experiences in giving that Korean hair cut.  I immediately contacted him and set up an appointment.

Which Korean Hair Style For You?

What Korean hair style should you go for? There are a lot of great ones for men, but choosing one can be a challenge. With that said, here are a few styles you may want to consider.

The K-Pop Hair Style

This style is popular and it is great for men who want a more youthful look. It kind of resembles an angular fringe, as the sides are slightly shaved and spiked. It is a clean looking cut, but it is unique looking too. If you’re looking for something different, then consider getting the K-Pop cut.

The Straight Hairstyle Look

There is a famous Korean actor named Kim Bum, who sports a straight hairstyle. This style is perfect for those who work in industries such as interior design, photography or other creative fields. However, if you just want to have a creative and innovative look to you, then you should get this hair style. With this look, the hair is brushed to the side and the fringe almost reaches the eyes and a little bit of pomade is used to give the hair some extra texture and to hold it in place.

The Samurai Hair Bun

This hair style has always been extremely popular and it is one of the oldest and possible the most popular Korean hair style around. In order to make this work, you will need to have enough hair to put in a bun. Not only that, but men with good angular features tend to pull the look off the best, but feel free to get this hair style regardless if you have angular features or not.

The Messy Medium Look

This hair style is popular among students or for men who want to look younger or have a student-like look. When you get this cut, you will have a medium length style and it will be messy, which is why you’ll need to use products to hold it in place. In order to maintain the style, you should use some sort of hair wax or hair-gel that is very strong. One of the best things about this hair style is it is great for men who have any shape face, so you can’t go wrong with this look.

Compare each hair style before deciding which one to get. Remember, those are only a few styles you can get. All you have to do now is figure out what style you want.

Finding The Right Dentist In Surrey

I live in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada.  This is a beautiful place with plenty of lakes.  It is not big, but it has beautiful mountains and lakes.  It is a place suitable for graceful living.  I lived here for 20 years, and I love this place.

Dentist Checkup

I always go for dentist checkup once every year.  I will schedule in advance and visit the dentist for a check, and also clean the teeth.  I love to have a clean set of tooth.  Are there many dentists in Surrey, BC?  The answer is yes.  There are many dentists in British Columbia, in particular, Surrey.  There are enough dentists here to service the community whole year round.

Surrey Dental Clinic

What is lacking is the number of dental clinics.  There are fewer dental clinics in Surrey than it should be.  The small number of Surrey dental clinics here make it a little difficult for most of us to find the right dentist when we want to.  Surrey is not a big place, but it is still large enough for one to travel a great distance from point a to point b.  We do not want to travel 2 hours just to get to the dental clinic and have our teeth cleaned.  We want to locate a nearby dentist in Surrey in where we stay.  We do not want to sacrifice the quality of the Surrey dentists for the sake of distance.  Thus, we hope we can find good dentists near us in Surrey, and with good reviews too.

This proves to be more difficult than I expected.  It turns out that we need to spend a great deal of effort just to try and nail down a list of nearest dentists with good reviews.

Some may suggest we go online to find one.  That is one approach no doubt.  If you have tried it, you will notice that the internet will return you with hundreds of results on a dentist, and you have no clue as to which one is good.  You have to go through one by one and open up the web page, and then make a call to check out the dental clinic details.  To make it worse, many of the search results from the internet contains dentists that are not even in Surrey.  Who wants to travel to Vancouver to see a dentist when you are staying in Surrey?  As you can see, this is very frustrating.

Surrey Dentist Listing

Fortunately, I came across a Surrey dentist listing website that contains a filter search results of the Surrey dentists.  It is a compilation of real dentists that are operating in Surrey, BC.  I have used it and found that the site does indeed provide a very credible result for anyone looking for dentists in Surrey.  The website is ugly and simple.  It does only one thing – help you find the nearest Surrey dentists in BC.  It is so useful, as it cuts down so much time.  I use it to locate nearby dentists.

Pediatric Dentist Surrey

I also use the site to look for a Pediatric dentist in Surrey for my kid’s dental care.  I prefer to have child specialist to attend to my kids than having a general dentist taking care of them.  Pediatric dentists are slightly more expensive.  But I will rather pay more in exchange for their expertise in handling children.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying an Amplifier

What to Pay Attention to When Buying an Amplifier

91YUUGs9UiLMany people have the love for music, and not just for listening but also for singing it, through voice or with a musical instrument. If you’re looking to go forward with this passion and if you already know how to play a musical instrument, then you already know that having an amplifier could come in handy when you play.

However, you can’t just go to the store and get your hands on the first amplifier that you see. There are some things that you’ll have to pay attention to, so here is what you need to know when buying an amplifier.

How It Works

If you play a guitar for example, and you know that the store where you’ve seen the amplifier has a similar model to the one you have at home, you can’t try the amplifier with the guitar from the shop. First of all, all the guitars are different and all of them sound differently, so it’s a huge mistake to try out the amplifier with something else than your own instrument. You might hear a brighter sound or you might not like how the amplifier goes with the instrument from the store, so this proves how essential it is to bring your own instrument and try it out.

Different Types

With all the evolution of technology, you can choose now from a varied range of types and models. There are more to the amplifiers than the regular ones with tube technology, as you get to pick from solid-state types or digital amplifiers. With a digital one, for example, you will pay a little more money if you choose it, but you will have fewer problems when dealing with maintenance.

The Size

Crown_DCi_DA_8300_front_originalAs you certainly know, there’s a very big difference between a 10 watts amplifier and one of 100 watts. Depending on where you will use it, choose a size that is appropriate for your place. For live playing, you will need an amplifier of at least 30 watts, while for playing in a studio you could go with a smaller amplifier.

Self Powered or Passive Speakers

When you think about passive speakers, just think that the speakers are powered by an external amplifier. If you use separate amplifiers along with passive speakers, there will be a number of factors that will affect the frequency response and, of course, the quality that you expect from your audio. Instead of using speakers and a separate amplifier, you could use self-powered speakers, which is actually a speaker with a built-in amplifier. These types of amplifiers have become very popular and they are used especially for video editing and studio monitoring.


If you want to use different tones, then you could go for a multichannel amplifier. However, if all that you want is a clean sound and also a good distorted sound, then look for something simpler. There are amplifiers that have just three channels, or you could search for one that offers you separate EQ controls for any of those channels.

The Price

Last, but not least, the price should also be your concern. It’s not enough to get an amplifier that is branded, because there are also cheaper models that offer you the same quality of sound. The thing is that you shouldn’t buy something just because it comes with a big name and a very big price. Look for something that has the features that you’re looking for, and if you become a professional singer, then you could invest more money into an amplifier.